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A Company liquidation is necessary when your Company is unable to pay all its creditors in full because it does not have sufficient funds or assets or if the Company is trading insolvently.

Often when Companies experience cash flow pressures the best option can sometimes mean simply borrowing more to eliminate the Debt through refinancing.

Some options may include negotiating a repayment plan with the Tax Department, refinancing existing Mortgages to pay out the Tax Debt or potentially

If you have just received a Company Wind-Up Notice this is as serious as things could possibly get and it is imperative that you ACT now otherwise your Business is at considerable risk.

What this means is that once a Directors Penalty Notice has been issued your limited liability protection through your Company is now threatened and you may be held as personally liable for these debts.

If you are not in a Corporate structure but are in a situation where you cannot pay your bills on time and survive then Bankruptcy could be an option worthy of consideration.

If you've received an ATO Statutory Demand you need to make some fast decisions about your business. It's the start of legal debt recovery process and you have 21 days to take appropriate action.

Have you received a copy of a Garnishee Order in the mail?  If so , your bank account may have been emptied and you have been left panicked and confused. You might be thinking can the ATO freeze your bank accounts?  


The S&R Partners Group are a Specialist Advisory Firm working with both Companies and Individuals facing financial distress.

You may have received a Company Wind-Up Notice, a Directors Penalty Notice, a Bankruptcy Petition or are just sick and tired of dealing with Creditors continually chasing you for money.

You may owe the Australian Tax Office, a Bank or other Trade Creditors and need assistance in dealing with them.

Our focus is on assisting Company Directors, Business owners and Tradespeople to achieve the best possible outcomes when facing potential threats of Liquidation or Personal Bankruptcy.

It’s important to note we are not Bankruptcy Trustees or Liquidators who are legally bound to work for your Creditors and get them as much money back as possible.

We work for you and our aim is to help you preserve your Business and its core assets and/or your Family Home by implementing strategies designed to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

You are not alone we have assisted many Individuals and Companies just like yours achieve a positive outcome.

With over 40 years of combined experience and a team consisting of Accountants, Business Consultants, Legal Professionals and Finance Specialists we are in a unique position to help you  move forward and get peace of mind.

We are here to help you! 


Robert Edmonds

Managing Director

When your Business is under threat and the ATO or other Creditors are circling it’s imperative that you get the right advice.With over 40 years of combined experience working in Insolvency and a team consisting of  Business Consultants ,Legal Professionals and Accountants, we are in a unique position to help guide and assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for both your Business and yourself.”




“Confidential, nonjudgmental and too easy to deal with.’’ Sarah M Leichardt N.S.W

“They helped my family keep our family home even though I am now Bankrupt ‘’ Jason Pacific Pines QLD

“They handled it all – even my problems with the ATO wanting to Wind Up my business. Now all my issues been sorted and I am back focusing on my Business rather than my tax issues. Michael Geelong Vic

“ If you are experiencing Debt issues this is the team to call “ Tony Chatswood  N.S.W

“Such a professional , efficient and friendly group they were very informative and helped me negotiate a payment plan

with the ATO which enabled me to keep my business and get back on track. Thanks Rob. Gary Broadbeach QLD

“ Thanks to all – at last my Debts are back under control. ‘’ Wendy Ipswich QLD


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